Meet Katie Flood

Katie is the owner and founder of VIPets Mobile Pet Grooming. She started out in 2005, carrying a folding table and portable equipment to people’s homes. She sympathised with the inconveniences pet owners experienced when having to bring their dogs to the groomer. She realised the best way would be to have a fully equipped grooming vehicle and in 2009, she designed and built her first vehicle. Today, with hard work and for the love of paws, Katie demonstrates 5 star pet grooming services in the new 2016 state-of-the-art mobile pet grooming salon.

She focuses on helping puppies and elderly dogs find comfort in grooming, making the stressful process a part of their past. She is patient, gentle and caring all while providing the finest quality pet styling in Montreal. Her exemplary reputation is supported by the numerous customer testimonials.

Meet Lucio Giansante

With over 8 years of experience, Lucio has mastered the patience in handling very difficult and/or nervous dogs with a soothing energy to bring some calmness to the overall grooming experience. Lucio takes much pride to ensure he is able to provide his professional services to the community and provide a higher level of personal care and attention to each client.

Meet Sophie Bell

Sophie has always had a love for animals. She is a devoted horse back rider has been riding for 15+ years. After studying early childhood education, she realized that dog grooming is more her passion. Sophie shows each dog patience and understanding during the grooming process and treats each one like it was her own. Sophie is also a devoted pet owner, which helps her connect with your pet’s needs.